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DJ Services: Weddings

 Through your entire experience of working with us, you’ll find that we work hard to guarantee that
the entertainment portion of your wedding doesn’t cause you any unnecessary stress.
That’s why, over the years,  we’ve simplified our packages: So there’s absolutely no confusion as to which one is perfect for the wedding of your dreams!
Gone are the days of guessing how we’ll fit into your big day – just pick the feel you’re going for, and match that to the options below!

Our Packages:

“The Simple Feel”

“The Elegant Feel”

“The All-Day Celebration”

“The Extravagant Feel”

Our Add-Ons:

For All of Our Packages, Call Now for Current Pricing!

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Just for visiting our website, we'd like to give you a FREE copy of our book, "10 Wedding Insider Secrets for a Dream Wedding"!