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Consult a DJ Service

As a “DJ Company”, we’d love to believe that every couple getting married is a perfect fit for our services. But, if we’re being realistic, that just isn’t true.
That’s why we’ve built our “Consult a DJ” service. If an iPod wedding is your perfect fit, we’ll help you pull it off flawlessly!

As part of this service, we go over all the same details that we do with our DJ customers. We’ll cover everything about your wedding, from your special music to the announcements that need to be made, and everything in between! When you leave our office, you’ll be fully prepared for your iPod wedding!

Here’s just a few of the documents you’ll leave with:

– Our “List of the Top 200 Most Requested Songs of the Year”
– Our “Wedding Information” Questionnaires
– Our “Recommended Equipment for an iPod Wedding” List
– Our “Recommended Announcements for Any Wedding” List
– Our “Recommended Vendors & Friends of BA Entertainment” Database
– And Many More!

This service is all about helping you prepare for what will prove to be one of the biggest days of your lives, and we are so excited to help get you there!

If you’d like to hear more about this service,¬†Contact Us for more information!


Free Gift!

Just for visiting our website, we'd like to give you a FREE copy of our book, "10 Wedding Insider Secrets for a Dream Wedding"!