Bihari self-adhesive Scratch recordDIY and modding are key tenets of the portabism scene. Normally it’s hardware tweaks, but established player Bihari Designs has made the snappily named “The Ahhh Fresh “Print It Yourself” Picture Disc” — a clear 45 full of the scratch sound standards, with a self adhesive back, ready for you own printouts.

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About the Author: Justin Bazinet

A pioneer in the wedding industry, Justin Bazinet is the Chief DJ at BA Entertainment, and CFO of Wedding Warriors TC. He started his career as a freelance DJ working with a handful of other wedding businesses before founding BA Entertainment, where he works hard to innovate and drive current wedding trends. Driven by a mission to never hear another "bad wedding" story, Justin's biggest passion is to inspire his entire team to expect nothing but perfection in every event they're a part of.

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