There’s always a chance of disaster at a DJ gig. Drinks can find their way into the DJ booth, power outages are always a possibility – but another scenario that many DJs overlook is the dead controller scenario. There are many ways a controller can short out or stop working completely. What if it happens at a gig? How does a DJ comeback from a completely dead gear? Today’s article shares precautionary measures to take to prepare for this unfortunate scenario.

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About the Author: Justin Bazinet

Co-Founder and CEO Justin E Bazinet has been in event production for more than seven years, and has been behind the turntables for over two. With a passion for DJ work, and a special talent for getting even the most hesistant guests on their feet and dancing, Justin will make any event a special one. As BA Entertainment’s CEO and Head DJ, Justin performs at most of our shows, and is also responsible for company finances, booking, and music library maintenance.

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